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Balfour Beatty Briefings

Balfour Beatty are the main contractor for Herefordshire Council with responsibilities in the Public Realm (as they put it).

Balfour Beatty have divided Herefordshire into a number of localities; Whitchurch and Ganarew are in Kerne Bridge ward, which is situated in Ross Town Locality. Each Locality is assigned a Locality Steward. Our Steward currently is a really helpful dude called Harry Bradbury. You can find his weekly reports below:

Most recent weekly briefings:

Date Report
22nd March 2024 22.03.2024.pdf
15th March 2024 15.03.2024.pdf
11th March 2024 Public Realm Round-Up - February 2024.pdf
29th February 2024 29.02.2024.pdf
16th February 2024 16.02.2024.pdf
2nd February 2024 02.02.2024.pdf
19th January 2024 19.01.2024.pdf
12th January 2024 12.01.2024.pdf
5th January 2024 05.01.2024.pdf
Date Report
12th December 2023 Public Realm Round-Up - November 2023.pdf
17th November 2023 Briefing 17.11.23.pdf
13th November 2023 Public Realm Round-Up - October 2023.pdf
10th November 2023 Briefing 10.11.23.pdf
27th October 2023 Briefing 27.10.23.pdf
20th October 2023 20.10.2023.pdf
13th October 2023 Briefing 13.10.2023.pdf
29th September 2023 29.09.2023.pdf
22nd September 2023 22.09.2023.pdf
15th September 2023 15.09.2023.pdf
24th August 2023 24.08.2023.pdf
18th August 2023 18.08.23.pdf
11th August 2023 11.08.23.pdf
21st July 2023 21.07.2023.pdf
14th July 2023 14.07.2023.pdf
30th June 2023 30.06.2023.pdf
23rd June 2023 23.06.2023.pdf
16th June 2023 16.06.2023.pdf
26th May 2023 26.05.2023.pdf
19th May 2023 19.05.2023.pdf
6th April 2023 06.04.23.pdf
31st March 2023 Highways Briefing 10.03.2023.pdf
24th March 2023 Highways Briefing 24.03.2023.pdf
17th March 2023 Highways Briefing 17.03.2023.pdf
10th March 2023 Highways Briefing 10.03.2023.pdf
24th February 2023 Highways Briefing 24.02.2023.pdf
17th February 2023 17.02.2023.pdf
10th February 2023 10.02.2023.pdf
3rd February 2023 03.02.2023.pdf
27th January 2023 Briefing 27.01.2023.pdf
20th January 2023 Briefing 20.01.2023.pdf
13th January 2023 Briefing 13.01.2023.pdf
6th January 2023 Briefing 06.01.2023.pdf



The Challenge of Fixing Potholes

The Challenge of Fixing Potholes

Symonds Yat and the River Wye. The Birthplace of Tourism

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