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Common Land

Photograph of Wye Rapids Island


The Island, Yat Rapids

Did you know we have ten pieces of 'Common Land' in the Parish organised into eight distinct Commons?

These commons are:

  • CL192 The Island, Yat Rapids, reference number 32178
  • CL193 Kiln Tumps, reference number 32201
  • CL194 Lane End Wharf, reference number 32215
  • CL196 Alpine Wharf, reference number 32182
  • CL197 Ashes Green, reference numbers 32212 and 32214
  • CL198 The Beeches, reference number 32192
  • CL198 The Triangle, reference number 32193
  • CL200 Meeks Well, reference number 32199
  • CL234 Land on Great Doward, reference number 32194

Each of these pieces of common land have been given 'Open Access' status by the government. This status gives you the right to roam on foot and rock climb (such as at the top of the Great Doward😁). Cycling and Horseriding is not allowed except on public rights of way.

If you are interested, you can find more information at The maps are from the DEFRA MAGIC website


The Island and Alpine Wharf

Map showing The Island and Alpine Wharf commons

Kiln Tumps and Great Doward

Map showing Kiln Tumps and Great Doward commons

Ashes Lane

Map showing Ashes Lane commons


The Beeches, The Triangle and Meeks Well

Map showing Meeks Well common

Old Wharf

Map showing Old Wharf common


The parish council is a paid up member of the Open Spaces Society which exists to promote and preserve our common land. You can find out more about them by clicking on the button.

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