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Whitchurch & Ganarew Group Parish Council

Your Parish Councillors are here to help and to represent you. Find out what they do by reading the agendas and minutes and how you can have your say in local matters.

If the parish council is not the correct authority to help with your questions the councillors will do all they can to point you in the right direction and represent you if required.

Your councillors meet regularly as a parish council every second Tuesday in the month at 7pm in the Whitchurch Memorial Hall.  The only exception to this is that no meetings are held in January or August, unless there is urgent business to attend to.

We welcome participation from any parishioners, either to raise queries or concerns or just to see what goes on and we do all that we can to encourage involvement!

Whitchurch and Ganarew Group Parish is part of the Kerne Bridge Ward of Herefordshire Council. Kerne Bridge Ward also includes the parishes of Goodrich, Walford and Welsh Bicknor and is represented on Herefordshire Council by Simeon Cole.

Attending parish council meetings:

Our first agenda item at each monthly meeting is an open slot for parishioners to ask questions or raise concerns.  So that the parish council can be as helpful and as open as possible for people wanting to raise queries, we have developed a protocol for these sessions to ensure that we function effectively and so that members of the public can understand the purpose and format of the open session.  This "Protocol for Public Participation" is available for you to read or download here.

All parish councils follow a strict code of conduct, which you can read or download here.

A copy of the Standing Orders for the organisation and transaction of the parish councils’ business can be found here for you to read or download if you wish.

A copy of the council's Civility and Respect policy document can be found here:

You can contact the Parish Clerk on 07932 373661.

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