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Local Defibrillators


Map showing Defib Locations


Locations of local defibrillators


At the time of writing there are six defibrillators that I know of in the parish. Whitchurch and Ganarew Parish Council have supplied and maintain four defibrillators at strategic locations. At the moment there are none in Ganarew although this may change in the near future.

They are situated in the following locations:

  • Outside the entrance to Whitchurch Memorial Hall on the Old Monmouth Road
  • On the wall outside Woods of Whitchurch on the Old Monmouth Road
  • Outside the office at Doward Park Campsite on the Doward
  • On the wall outside Buck House in Symonds Yat West on the B4164


In addition, there is a fifth situated just inside the entrance to The Ferrie Inn, Symonds Yat West and a sixth has recently been installed on a barn wall just south of Doward Farm on the U7123 (the Doward ring road). This one includes a bleed kit.


If you have a dicky ticker, then this information could be vital!

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