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Two of the younger Council Members

Councillor's Details:

Name Telephone Email
Roger Smith (Chair and Footpaths Officer) 01600 890737
Simeon Cole 01989 567274
Graham Litson 01600 890260
Sean McInerney 01600 891105
Sue Morris 01600 890981
Donna Powell 01600 890754  
Jono Smith-Milne 07973 666304
Derek Williams (Vice Chair) 01600 890474
Tom Watson
Parish Clerk, Keith Shilton 01600 890183
Ward Councillor, Yolande Watson 07792 882152


If you wish to view the Register of Interests, click on the button below which will take you to the Whitchurch and Ganarew Parish Council entry on the Herefordshire Council website. Click on the councillor’s name that you are interested in and then click on “Register of interests” under that person’s name.




Roles & Responsibilities:

1 Footpaths R Smith, T Watson
2 Finance working group Chairman, J Smith-Milne, S McInerney, Clerk
3 Lengthsman scheme, Parish maintenance and grass cutting working group R Smith, D Williams, T Watson, Clerk
4 Tree Officer Position vacant (open to both residents and Council members)
5 Website and publicity R Smith, G Litson, Clerk
6 Good Neighbour Scheme PC member S Morris, PCC members and residents
7 Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group G Litson (Chairman), resident steering group members, PC Chairman and PC members
8 Coordinated Christmas Activities S Morris and Good Neighbour Team, J Smith-Milne, T Watson, R Smith, S McInerney, Clerk
9 Planning assessments - submission / consideration for the Parish Council G Litson, D Powell
Note – all planning matters and applications are discussed by all PC members as an agenda item at the respective Parish Council meeting and a resolution made
10 Data Protection Act and related matters R Smith, Clerk
11 Coordination with the appointed Parish Lengthsman related to Parish maintenance / agreed projects / footpath maintenance Chairman, Clerk
12 Balfour Beatty Contractor coordination including the Locality Steward Clerk
13 Doward road closure matters Chairman
14 Road and Traffic related matters including A40 Clerk, Chairman (following resolutions from PC members)
15 Technical advisor special projects T Watson


Note – All PC members can attend all working group meetings if they wish and participate in these meetings. Working groups and Officers report to the Parish Council with their submissions and recommendations requiring discussion and resolution from the full Parish Council.


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